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Written by: Kathy Daisey

     This is a story about Ashley Rose Daisey, my daughter, a life that was way too short. Ashley was born on February 20, 1993. Our second child and first daughter. From the very first moments of her life Ashley lived her life to the fullest. As the hospital staff was examing her she was trying to pick her head up and look around. She did everything fast and always wanted to do it all by herself. She was the leader and always tried to get her older brother to do things, she was also his little mom.

     Ashley could carry on a conversation with you and we felt she would go far in life. When she was born, the nurses were all coming to see this perfect, beautiful child, as time went on we thought she would be ďa model with an attitude!Ē

     On February 14, 1995 I went to work as a floral designer. I had to go in early, my husband and two kids dropped me off at work. Ashley did not want me to go and would not give me a kiss goodbye. I teased her and kissed her all over and she giggled! We made plans for them to bring me lunch. Work was going normally, until I got that call from my husband. From that point on my life has never been the same.

     My husband, my son Eric and Ashley were at a friendís house. They were getting ready to leave and everyone was in the kitchen except Ashley. She was in the living room; they heard a loud crash and ran in. The television had fallen on top of her, and from what we have learned she died instantly from blunt trauma to the back of her head.

     My life has forever changed; Ashley now has two brothers and one sister. We have four children: Eric, Ashley, Keith and Rachel.

I love you Ashley ~ Mom     

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