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Submitted by Donna Jenner

Anthony and Jessica,

     I have buried so many of our dreams since that horrible accident. Graduation, university, prom, boyfriends, girlfriends, and far too many growing up "firsts." One by one, my Mother's heart has laid them to rest. My head understands they died the moment you took your last breath, but my heart needs to grieve for each as their time comes and then leaves nothing but emptiness for you are not here to give them life. With shoulders bent from the weight of that knowing and the pain of the never ending scream that echo's throughout my soul. The longing for you is as profound today as it was on October 4, 2007. As time forces an ever widening space between your lives and mine with no new memories to dot the landscape, I find myself steering my longing for you to a time and place in the future. It is an as yet unknown one, but it is a place where I can once again dream about a life where we are together again.

I love you to heaven and back,

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