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Brianna & Maxine's Story
Written by: Nicole Welch (Rolfe)

     On November 2nd 2005 I gave birth to the most beautiful twin girls in the world. Brianna Nicole Rolfe 1lb 2oz born at 8:28PM, and Maxine Alexandria Rolfe 1lb 3oz born at 8:35PM. I was the happiest person in the world but I was also the most worried person in the world that day. See I was very worried because I was only 23 weeks pregnant, but I had faith and I knew that God and my family world carry me though this experience. I waited until 12 midnight to see my daughters with their father (who at that point were not named yet). Then I finally went to the Newborn Intensive Care Unit and was brought over to my daughters, they were so tiny, hopeless and alone. I named the first born first since as soon as i saw her. Since I already had a name picked out for a girl (Brianna Nicole) and she fit the description perfectly. The second born was in the worst shape and I was not expecting to have twin girls so i didn't have a name for her, which made me feel horrible so i waited to name her. I stayed by their sides until I had to go upstairs to meet with my doctor. Then their father left. I couldn't sleep I was too worried. I kept waking up my parents hoping for them to come back and stay by my side. And soon enough that would happen at about 3:00AM a doctor can up to me and said "We need you to come to NICU". I in turn asked why. Then I was told that that second born was not doing so well. I asked if my parents were contacted and they were and they were on there way. When I got to the NICU, both of my parents were already there waiting for me. I walked up to my daughter and then the doctor told me the best thing to do would be to take her off everything. I didn't want to lose her I barely even got to know her. That was my little girl I wasn't going to let her go. After the docor explained everything to the three of us, I looked at my dad and I knew what he thought was the best thing to do. Then I looked at my mom and she just started crying right along with me so I knew she knew what had to be done. I cried and watched her as she lied there unable to do anything but yet so beautiful. Then I looked at the doctor as I cried as hard as you would ever see a person crying and told him to let her go to God. The doctor pulled the plug on my daughter handed her to my father and then she went to God within seconds. I then named her (Maxine Alexandria) and a name ceremony was done for her. I lost my daughter that night at 3:58AM of respiratory failure and extreme prematurity. I then went to the social worker and asked for my other daughter to be baptised since I didn't get a chance to do that for the daughter I had already lost. She was baptised and then my parents had me go get some rest. So they came with me to my room and then they left to go home. My first born was doing amazing for being so small. Then at about 10:00AM the doctor called me to come to be by Brianna's side, it seems something was going wrong. I was going crazy I called my parents and my grandmother they were all on the way. Brianna's father was on his way with no clue of the loss of Maxine. We all stood by her side as we were told once again to pull the plugs on my little girl. So I let them take her off of everything because it was the right decision to make and then my parents and my grandmother held her. I did not hold either one of my daughters due to the fact that I knew if they were to stop breathing in my arms what I would do. After that she was handed to her father, and she passed away in his arms. I lost my other daughter that morning at 11:45AM due to cardiopulmonary arrest, immature lungs, and extreme prematurity. November 3rd 2005 was the wost day of my life. I lost both my daughters that day and I was a mess knowing that they were not coming back.

     I am sharing this story to all of you so you all know you are not alone and you never were and you never will be.

To My Daughters Brianna and Maxine:

     It has been 1 year since I lost you both. You were both around for such a short time but yet you both taught me so much and with that I have grown into the person that I am today. I love you both and Happy 1st Birthday. I miss you.

Nicole Welch (Rolfe)

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