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A Babyís Secret

Iím just a little person;
And I didnít quite make it there;
I went straight to be with Jesus
And Iím waiting for you here.
Donít you fret about me, Mommy,
Iím of all Godís lambs most blest;
Iíd have loved to stayed there with you,
But Our Shepherd knows whatís best.
Many dwelling here where I live
Waited years to enter in;
Struggled through a world of sorrow
And their lives were marred with sin.
So sweet Mommy donít you sorrow,
Chase the gloom and wipe the tears;
I went straight to Jesusís bosom
May your heartache disappear.
Daddy gave me something for you,
Itís our secret, Mommy dear,
Pressed it tight against my forehead,
Whispered in my tiny ear.
Iíll be waiting for you, Mommy-
You and Daddy, all the rest.
Iíll be with you then forever
And Iíll give you Daddyís Kiss.


Mommy and Daddy
Joselyn, Lavi & Javi

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