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Written by: Christine Skurat

Dear Jonathan,

     July 16th filled our lives with more joy than we could imagine. You were going to have the best life we all could provide. One look at you and we were madly in love. Our beautiful little child and grandson. The hopes. The dreams. The plans. The absolute happiness. We hope you felt our intense love. We just could'nt stop kissing you, and if I never put you down for a nap it would have been O.K. On the morning of August 22 in a peacefull sleep you were called back...We will never understand. It is just too hard. 5 weeks was just too short. Our hearts hurt so bad. We just want to kiss your face and hold you. We are grateful for sharing your short life with you and when I get to heaven I will hold you and pick up where we left off. We love and miss you so much.Sweet Dreams our Little Angel Boy!


    Mamma Chelsea
    Grandma Chris
    Grandpa Dave

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